What can I bring back from Arkhangelsk

Arkhangelsk is a city with a long history, founded in the 16th century, it served as a port. Arkhangelsk is one of the pearls of the north. For many years it has been one of the key seaports of Russia. Many come here to appreciate the beauty of the city and see the local attractions. Many people have a question: what should be brought from Arkhangelsk as a gift? For you we (Souvenir shop , Pomorskay 24) have prepared this list. If you planed visit Arkhangelsk, you need more knowledge about this sity

Many gifts can be brought from Arkhangelsk. Tourism to the Russian north is a popular destination.


In Arkhangelsk, you can buy fish at an attractive price. In the city you can find several different types of fish, in addition you can buy raw fish and cook it. There are several specialized fish shops in the city. 


Arkhangelsk is famous for its berries. Cranberries and cloudberries grow in the marshes near the city, and blueberries and cranberries can be found in the forests.


Very often, Souvenirs are brought from a trip to Arkhangelsk, such as nesting dolls and shawls. We are waiting for you on Pomorskaya 24.


You can also buy honey in Arkhangelsk. It is believed that it has a completely unique taste. Some stores specialize only in honey, such as the Mir MEDA store in Arkhangelsk.


Jam is probably the best gift from Arkhangelsk, there are many different berries, such a gift is not difficult to bring. However, try to buy quality jam.


You can bring pies with berries from Arkhangelsk. This is a popular product that can be purchased in a large number of stores. As a rule, these pies are difficult to bring home, but if you buy them right before the trip, they can be saved.


You can bring mushrooms from Arkhangelsk. A large number of different mushrooms are growing in Arkhangelsk. You can buy them at the market or in a store

And don't forget that it's cold enough in Arkhangelsk in winter.